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hanging space

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    Default hanging space

    ok sure i saw a message in here once about built in robes but cant find it had a web site to go to get info
    have searched under hanging space ( got doors )
    closets ( got items on sheds )
    and wardrobes ( got nothing )

    what i am after is if anyone has the basic length that u allow for clothes hanging ie doing the walkin rode out putting hanging space down one side (2.5 mt) but want to do as double hanging space so what distance should i put the two rails apart is a mt enough or is there a standard for it


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    Put one of your long garments on the usual type of hanger you use, hold it up against the wall so that there is floor clearance and measure. Add a few centimetres to allow for hanger differences (there seems to be a lot).

    I used this method for putting hanging rails in my daughter's walk-in robe. She has mostly double space, plus a full length bit at the end. Worked fine - until she bought a dress with a bit of a trainy thing at the back!!

    What I didn't allow for was longer length (mid-calf) skirts - they have to go with the long dresses. Next time, I'll measure EVERYTHING.

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    wombat 47 is right - there can be a big difference in the width and length of clothes on hangers.

    For width ( i.e. distance of rail from the wall ) borrow a man's leather motorcycle jacket if you don't have one - that is about as bulky a garment width ways as you are going to get ( especially if it has armoured shoulders ).

    For height you will definately need a section which is full length as already suggested for dresses ( even if you won't be hanging dresses in the wardrobe it will probably be spotted by a female purchaser and make your house that little less attractive when it comes to selling ).

    As for the rail length of the "long" section - I only wear a dress once in a blue moon but I own about 10 of them anyway - many women would own lots mofe than that. Even a slob like me usually hangs skirts by loops on hangers. Fashion at the moment seems to be shorter skirts ( and has been for a while ) so expect long skirts to come back in fashion sooner rather than later.

    Don't forget the decent lighting and the full length mirror on the back of the door or on the back wall.
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