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Old style window and door trims

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    Default Old style window and door trims

    Went looking at our local hardware store for some architraves and window trim but the only stuff they had was the colonial style down to some pieces of strip wood.

    Our house is the older style one and I wouldnt want to put the modern trim on that you can buy so do I have no option but to make it myself with a router?

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    Find the profile you want on the internet and have them order it in.


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    Many of the older style skirts and architraves are made by simply stacking up different kinds of mouldings. Adding a quarter round to a rectangular trim then putting a triangular piece underneath gives you a standard 20's/30's style cornice for example. There are also quite a few places that specialise in old style skirts and architraves. Even companies like Corinthian stock several different older style mouldings.

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