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Sash window restoration

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    Default Sash window restoration

    Hello !

    I'm kinda new to the hole woodworking game. The last time I seriously touched anything like this was at high school.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I've got a double hung sash window that needs to be repainted. I had to replace the cords which I've done and half put it back together. I've stripped of most of the paint with a heat gun on the inside side of the window, and part of the frame where it was badly painted about a thousand times.

    My question is, do I need to go right back to the bare timber before I start to repaint it. I have tins of the orginal paint that was used on the window, and it will be the same colour. I've not taken out the glass or removed the paint on the timeber holding the glass in - this doesn't look too bad. It is mainly the sides of the window, and the windows frame itself on the inside. I've taken most of the paint off, and hit it with a fine orbital sander to make it nice and smooth. It will be painted in a colour, so I'm not going to apply anything clear to it. How far back do I need to take it ?

    The inside frame of the window is quite bad as well. The heat gun didin't take off as much as I'd like here, and I think I'll have to use some paint stripper. Sanding indoors too - with an electric sander - what do you normally do to stop dust going everywhere - just cover everything with a drop sheet ?

    Once it is all sanded - and right back to the timber if need be - how do I paint it ? Do I just put the colour back on it, or is there something I need to paint onto it first ?

    Any help would be greatly appreaciated. I've got about 3 other windows like this, that will eventually need the same treatment.



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    Hi Wobblyman and welcome to the forum,

    I'm doing similar work to some double hung windows in our place and I'm planning on stripping right back to bare timber but I'm probably a masochist...especially now I realise how rubbish eco paint strippers are...
    Taking the paint off will give you a bit more clearance between the sashes and the staff bead as mine are pretty stiff with 100 years of paint.
    Also when its back to bare timber you can see if the timber is starting to deteriorate.
    Be careful with the sanding and heat gun, there may be lead in the paint.


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    Wobbly...strip it right back (we used a heat gun and Citristrip very effectively on our house lot) to bare timber. Easier to do this after you've dismantled the window.

    Once back to timber you then give the whole thing a coat of a good quality primer undercoat. After that you can paint in whatever final finish you want. No more than two coats on the sliding areas or the staff beads!! Then wait at least two weeks minimum before re-assembly to allow the paint to harden properly - otherwise the parts could stick together. If you can't wait this long then make sure you move the window frequently throughout the day and/or coat the slide area with beeswax to prevent sticking.
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