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Sash window - stegbar

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    Default Sash window - stegbar

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows how to take apart a sash window for painting please.screen-shot-2021-05-01-1.04.30-pm.jpg

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    no need to take them apart unless they need repair.
    several how to paint sequence guides around, but something like this will tell you (I haven't read this particular one)
    Painting sash windows - a guide to painting wooden sash windows (practicaldiy.com)

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    The Stegbar double hung windows normally just pull forward, not sure about the brandnew ones but you either pull up the bottom window about 70mm or the top down by the same amount and just grab the top of the window and reef it towards you, it hinges at the window base, there should be online instructions if not ring the manufacturer. They can be fully removed quite easily for painting if really keen. Generally just paint in place.

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    im doing a reno with these exact windows. about 30 windows in total. painters love them. NOT. Taken about a month for 3 guys to paint them. They cant be taken apart as the frame is nailed in place. if they have timber restrictors on them , take them off, otherwise just slide the windows up and down to paint. 2 coats oil base primer and 2 coats gloss.

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