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spring balanced sash window

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    Default spring balanced sash window

    I have a client with a replica qlder that has a unbalanced sash window. It's the modern kind with a spring balance running in a plastic conduit. I've never encountered this type before and don't know how to repair it. It's the lower sash and it just falls under gravity unless pinned. I noted there is a small metal plate on each side of the bottom of this sash. Do I have to remove the mouldings and take the sash out to repair it?


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    Haven't seen new ones lately but I would be sure they are still available and would not be very expensive to buy.

    I think you would find they are not repairable and should be cheap enough to replace.

    You just undo the two screws under the sash and the screw that fixes the top of the sash balance and remove it.

    They come in different lengths and strengths for the various sizes of window sashes.
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    As Barry said - they are cheap and easy to replace.
    Be surprised if you couldn't find em at dumb Bunnies actually.
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    Probably a bit late to chime in here but...

    They are called spring lifts, you can adjust them by pulling out the screw in the top and turning the spring lift a few times. Then push the screw back in. it's not really a screw as such as it'll only make about one revolution when you take it out and put it back in. if this doesn't fix it, it needs replacing.

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