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Advice please - California bungalow restoration

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    Question Advice please - California bungalow restoration

    Hi readers. My partner and I have purchased a weatherboard California bungalow in Melbourne which has been stripped of all of its original features - devastating! Iím also unsure exactly when it was built but it got attacked during the 60s or 70s. We are keen to slowly restore it. I am after some advice on how we can go about restoring the facade of the house - paint, new windows, new porch tiles and the porch posts etc. Also we need to do something about the concrete driveway. Does anyone have any advice on how to restore it?
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    Have you asked Council if they have plans for the property? Worth a shot, even if it’s a long shot.

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    Do a search on the address to see if you can find previous sales listings, it is a long shot as the changes appear to have been done a fair while ago. But still worth a try.
    Other than that search marketplaces and demolition / renovation yards for period fittings, and look around at houses in the local area often the same builder would build a number of houses in the same area.

    For the porch posts I would suspect the lacework would have originally been the same as the posts at the back ie Brick base with timber post.

    We have just renovated our Cal Bung using period fittings, before that we did an Edwardian. A lot of the original fittings came from flea-bay or second hand yards, one window I even found at the tip.

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