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Divider fire wall to underside of Roof

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    Default Divider fire wall to underside of Roof


    I have a single occupancy house in Sydney - typical construction - brick veneer walls, tile roof on timber framing and timber/gyprock internal partition walls. I have an approved DA to convert this into twin occupancies by building an intertenancy divider fire wall in the middle, adding an extra kitchen and plumbing etc. Not much to it, but I am contemplating what is the best option to build the wall past the ceiling into the underside of the roof.

    What construction, materials, method etc. I am relatively hands on and have done many renos myself but this is new. Is Gyprock Fyrechek on timber framing the only way to go or is there a panel that you can just cut and put on without support? Eg. plywood covered in fyrechek both sides, is this even possible. Do the roof tiles need coming off? Anyones done this sort of thing. Sorry for the many questions and would really appreciate your help.

    The BCA requirement is to build the intertenancy wall past the ceiling and to the underside of the roof. Just looking for the most cost effective method without having to rip much.

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    Look up the gyprock red book for solutions.

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