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Home Design Software recommendations

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    Default Home Design Software recommendations

    I haven't found a topic (though I am sure that there is one).

    I am after software recommendations for a reasonably priced 2d program.

    I have tried Sketchup (horrid program).

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    I didn't like sketchup either. Waaaaaay too much of a learning curve (not to mention tech drawing was my worst subject at school!)
    I use sweethome3D. It is freeware and availiable on windows and mac.

    It gives you both 2D and 3D views. You can import sketchup models from googles 3D warehouse, which I found very helpful, because the libraries sweethome comes with are limited.

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    Arrow Home design software

    Home design software

    Depends on how pro you want to go. I use Autocad Architecture and Revit. End of the day you can view your project in isometric and elevation views. This is VERY important for dimensioning and realistic design applications.

    After all your building is based on dimensions, Plans and Elevations. If you want to get fancy you can incorporate 3D, or export it to Google sketchup for render look.

    I've done my friends house based on sketch designs and input it to CAD. Still going on because he keeps changing his minds on things. Alternatively it will save him time and money down the track.

    Autocad & Revit are way to pricey, have a look at CAD international
    CAD software for professional architecture...

    I havnt use any of their programs but they seem ok. If you've got kids that are student you might be able to get it cheaper!

    My top recommendations are:

    1. Revit [$$$$]
    2. Autocad Architecture [$$$$]
    3. CAD int. $295 [$$] CAD software for house and home design enthusiasts...
    4. Google sketchup [free]

    Make sure you know how to use the program and actually have the time to learn it before you buy it.

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