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How can I darken new door furniture?

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    Default How can I darken new door furniture?

    Hi there

    We have just unwrapped our new door furniture that is supposed to be 'antique bronze' finish but it is over-polished, over-buffed, too bright and very shiny. Can anyone recommend a way to 'de-antiquify' i.e take the shine off and give a darker, more traditional, 'used' look please?

    Appreciate any ideas

    Thanks heaps

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    If it is new then you should return it and get what you are after. Any attempt to make it look 'antique' will end in tears IMO. It can be done, but I think that downsides of trying on new items far outweighs any upside. You have to remove the protective surface lacquer, treat with a suitable etching compound then re-coat with a clear enamel. Although 'brass' you might also find that the metal is not what you expect and that is just one of a number of issues with what you propose.

    So again I suggest that you return and exchange rather than taking the risk of ruining new door furniture. Most businesses are pleased to be able to help out a client - even if they reckon the client's original choice is the issue. If you making any start on a DIY fix then that option is gone.

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    Thank you for your advice. Very wise and we'll heed it!


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