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Looking for two prong screws for shelving unit.

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    Default Looking for two prong screws for shelving unit.

    Hi all, I have a shelving unit that has my hifi stuff on it, and also is a storing place for my CDs.

    I have an extra shelf for this unit, but don't have any screws. I've gone to Bunnings to see if I can get the right screws to pop into the holes, but they only sell the ones with the yellow point, but not the green, as pictures down below.

    The yellow point screws into the unit, whilst the green tip goes into the hole in the shelf to hold it into place.

    Does anyone know where I can still get these screws. Someone must have them in a big city like Sydney?


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    Contact Artia via www.artia.com.au and enquire of part no. 210.26305 which can be seen at the bottom of page four of this catalogue section http://www.artia.com.au/resources/Cornall_Sect21.pdf

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