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Low room length shelf

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    Default Low room length shelf

    I am building a room long shelf for my studio 4560Hx530Wx630H, with 5 legs giving an approximate 1m span. I expect people will sit on it from time to time, so that is the weight bearing requirement.

    The plan is to use 70x45 untreated pine for the legs and rear bracing (and supporting the top), with a 70x19 pine DAR front leg fascia and 70x19 pine DAR also used for the front bracing (and supporting the top). Legs will be screwed to the wall. The top will be a 30mm ply.

    Sketch below.

    Any thoughts?

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    yeah, you will have quite a bit of flex in it with people sitting on it depending how many.

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    I'm a bit late to the party but I would use framing timber; at minimum 70*45 but 90*45 would be stronger and stringers at each leg.
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