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  1. Thanks very much SilentButDeadly

    Thanks very much SilentButDeadly
  2. How to prepare walls to install cabinets after new plumbing and electrics

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for some advice regarding my laundry reno.

  3. Extension by enclosing a concrete verandah, using existing roof

    Hi all

    We have a 60's brick home (sort of an A frame shape) and at the back there is a roofed verandah which runs the length of the house. The verandah floor is solid cement on limestone footing....
  4. Best way to remove zillion layers of flaking paint from concrete verandah?

    Hi all -

    Would appreciate some advice on how to best tackle the (many!) layers of flaking red paint on our concrete verandah so I can repaint. The top coat has an anti-slip grainy additive and...
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    Hi Toooldforthis - I am considering it, as I've...

    Hi Toooldforthis - I am considering it, as I've read it's so hardy and waterproof etc. I think with a buff or polish it might come up well. Unfortunately it is pink with a grey border around the...
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    Fixing a 50's/60's home in Perth

    G'day everyone

    I'm Jen, from Perth. My family lives in a 1950's/60's 3x1, brick and tile home. It's been a rental for many years and so needs a bit of love. It has lots of features we love...
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