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  1. Flat plastic paint sprayed to ceiling with no preparation - should we paint over?

    Our ceilings were all sprayed with a cheap flat plastic paint when our house was built about 12 years ago. No undercoat, primer, sealer, binder etc was used, and it wasn't back rolled either. We...
  2. Casters for use on bottom of cabinet doors like used on sewing cabinets

    Does anyone know who makes or where to get casters like those used by Horn or Koala Studio on their sewing cabinets - The ones that are attached to the doors that when open support a desk flap...
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    Concealed bi-folding door track system

    Cowdroy make bi-fold door hinges/tracks. "Trumph Stealth" could be suitable.
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    moving kitchen sink and drain

    Thanks for the comments Arms and Seriph1.:)

    I guess I was asking more specifically for the standard fall required to figure how far was possibly feasible. Is 1:60 enough? Is 1:40 the best or...
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    also seeking advice on moving kitchen sink drain

    Hi - I'm also considering options for a kitchen renovation and relocatiing a sink and have a couple of questions.
    How far can a drain be run in the 150mm space under the cupboards?
    Can a drain be...
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